Jon Gosselin has hit rock bottom, according to new reports emerging into the troubles being faced by the once successful TV star. Gosselin’s finances have plummeted causing him problems to such an extent that prison time is a possibility, according to a Star Magazine report. Gosselin, 35, has told Star in an exclusive interview: “I can’t afford to pay my rent and the domestic-relations staff tell me they will put me in jail unless I pay child support. I am a single father who’s trying to make ends meet during a recession. What do I do – pay child support or rent? I need to support my kids, but I could lose my house, and I need my home to continue to have custody. The once successful reality TV star, who was previously married with eight children, added: “I decided to take the high road and quit reality television and now look, I’m going to end up in jail because I can’t afford to pay child support to Kate who has plenty of money. However, the couple underwent a messy divorce in , which sparked a new career in reality TV for Kate Gosselin, who featured in “Kate Plus 8” with her children. Jon continues to turn his back on reality TV and even rebukes Kate’s upcoming work for her new show which will show her traveling across the United States looking for her perfect mate. We have eight children and they need us, she is putting reality TV and dating in front of the kids who need to have their mother,” Jon Gosselin told Star.

Jon Gosselin to Kate: I’m Sorry

Almost three years to the day since he and Kate Gosselin revealed to the world that divorce proceedings were underway, the former reality-TV star is looking to make amends with those he has hurt, starting with his ex-wife. Both spouses, married since , denied being unfaithful, but they filed for divorce on June 22, In additional papers filed that September, Jon admitted to using “poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon.

Jon, who dropped off the reality-TV scene when the show he once co-starred on became “Kate Plus 8,” recently took a job as director of sales and promotions for Gameface International, a sports event and management firm. He’s also dating a single mom, year-old Liz Jannetta, according to People.

Dec 18, – Liz Jannetta is dating Jon Gosselin for some reason. We’ll learn all about it when they appear on the new season of VH1’s Couples Therapy.

Jon Gosselin’s got a new girl. Now working as a disc jockey in his hometown of Wyomissing, Pa. The couple began dating nine months ago and, a source tells Us Weekly , they’ve been living together for eight! A Penn State grad, Conrad has two teenage children, a son and daughter, who have both met Gosselin and his brood of eight, twins Cara and Maddy, 14, and year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. However, the source adds that the pretty brunette hasn’t yet had the pleasure of meeting her live-in boyfriend’s famous ex Kate, Conrad is the latest in a long list of Gosselin girlfriends that followed after his divorce.

In the years since his affair with schoolteacher Deanna Hummel left his marriage in shambles, Gosselin has been linked to Hailey Glassman, Michael Lohan’s now-wife Kate Major, and his most recent ex-girlfriend Liz Jannetta. The serial dater doesn’t currently have custody of his eight children, though an insider told Us in May that he was seeking full custody of daughter Maddy. His focus remains on his children.

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Jon Gosselin tells Kate he’s very, very sorry via People mag

During the first few seasons of the reality series, the parents dealt with the struggles of having eight young children plus balancing their work lives and marriage. As it went on, it was clear that Jon and Kate were having intense struggles in their marriage. There were few scenes in which the couple wasn’t fighting, and Jon became as known for his signature eye roll as Kate was for her haircut. After months of speculation, including cheating rumors on Jon’s part, the couple confirmed that they were getting divorced in Their divorce played out in the tabloids, and the show was rebranded as Kate Plus 8.

Who is Jonathan Gosselin dating right now? Jonathan Jonathan Gosselin dating history powered by Who’s Dated Who Liz Jannetta and Jonathan Gosselin.

Hoping for more Gosselin kids for a whole new round of reality TV shenanigans? Jon Gosselin will no longer be littering the landscape with his offspring. Gosselin, who is currently dating his Couples Therapy co-star Liz Jannetta, famously has eight kids — including twins and sextuplets — with Kate Gosselin. Jannetta has three children from her last marriage. For those keeping track, that makes 11 kids total — and Gosselin says that is more than enough.

Gosselin remains adamant that his kids will not return to the small screen anytime soon.

Kate Gosselin Refuses to Appear on VH1’s ‘Couples Therapy,’ Says Ex Jon

Fill out the form below, or call us at Incredibly, Jon Gosselin , who as RadarOnline. Jon only convinced her to do Couples Therapy with him after his ex-galpal Hailey Glassman turned him down, sources said.

Jon Gosselin tears apart his ex-wife Kate Gosselin in the Thursday, Feb. with girlfriend of two years, Liz Jannetta, is later seen in the clip finishing a Also, I read somewhere that they’d only been dating for a few months, not.

Jon also accepts his share of responsibility for the collapse of their year marriage. Jon quotes Boteach: “? Get the news you need to start your day. Bristol Palin, 21, whose status as a single pregnant teen made headlines during mom Sarah Palin’s vice presidential run in ’08, won’t have sex again until she’s married. Info: www. She wants to be honest to the hundreds of young folk who sing and dance and rap before her at X Factor auditions.

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Jon Plus One? Former Reality Star Jon Gosselin Has Moved on Since His Divorce

Jonathan Keith Gosselin was born and raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania as the middle child in a family of three children. He has two brothers, Thomas and Mark. Gosselin’s father died on January 13, Gosselin met Kate Kreider at a company picnic on October 5, They married on June 12,

Partner(s), Liz Jannetta () Colleen Conrad (present). Children, 8. Jonathan Keith Gosselin (born April 1, ) is an American television personality, previously In January , Gosselin began dating Liz Jannetta, a divorced mother of three who works with computers. The relationship lasted for two years.

Us Weekly Kate Gosselin always. IDEO: lupita nyong’o tumblr. Kate Gosselin filed a bombshell lawsuit accusing her ex. Steve Neild did little to dampen. Oct 22, Have you heard of her bodyguard, Steve Neild? Nov 9, ‘Kate Plus 8’ star, Kate Gosselin fuels rumors that she is dating her bodyguard, Steve Neild, after sources reveal that he has been spending the. Oct 16, Gosselin’s relationship. Oct 15, Plus, the mother of eight denies she’s dating her bodyguard and says “I’m single” on Watch What Happens Live.

Dec 19, Kate Gosselin is off the market! Nope she’s not.

Jon Gosselin

And girlfriend liz jannetta. Since jon gosselin dating jon gosselin has regrets about his very public split from his divorce. However, kate.

Unfortunately, like many reality TV families, Jon and Kate Gosselin tipped photographers off to their whereabouts while they were dating. Remember when Jon was on Couples Therapy with then-girlfriend Liz Jannetta?

Unfortunately, like many reality TV families, Jon and Kate Gosselin had a lot of skeletons in their closets Here are the scandals the family tried but failed to hide. Perhaps the most egregious tale about the Gosselin machine is that the family copied another family’s hyper-fertile trajectory. Hoffman said his book points out “eerie, and some downright creepy, similarities” between McCaughey and the Gosselins, whose sextuplets were born nearly 7 years after McCaughey’s multiples.

According to the author, both mothers were strongly opposed to reducing the number of babies in their wombs and both claimed to be devout Christians, using the phrase “God gave us these kids. Kate Gosselin ‘randomly’ named her first-born sextuplet daughter Alexis and her last-born sextuplet son Joel. Kate slammed the allegations, with a source telling The Hollywood Gossip , “She feels the book is already ‘out there’ and ‘even though a lot of things are fabricated and untrue,’ she doesn’t feel the need to drudge up old news.

Hoffman claims Kate was never actually diagnosed with the condition, but sought doctors who’d prescribe treatments for it to increase her chances of conceiving multiples.

Jon Gosselin: “I’m Dating Myself Right Now,” Have No Relationship With Kate

Jon Gosselin has been dating Liz Jannetta for over a year now, but it seems they might be have a few bumps in the road. Yeah, another reality show for Jon! Liz Jannetta is a 28 year old mother of three children of her own. She is divorced, and works with computers. She and her family live just outside Philadelphia, Pa. Jon said that he and Liz love to do things together with their 11 kids!

Jon Gosselin has hit rock bottom, according to new reports emerging TV and dating in front of the kids who need to have their mother,” Jon Gosselin told Star. Jon Gosselin himself has already found new love in Liz Jannetta.

Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend is a striking blonde who bears an eerie resemblance to the one and only Kate Gosselin. It’s an unabashed public display of affection from Jon Gosselin, who has largely dropped out of sight since his messy divorce. Her name is Liz Jannetta. She’s a year-old divorced mother of three who works with computers and lives outside Philadelphia. Jon Gosselin, of course, has eight kids. So between them there are eleven little ones running around. Alexander asked Jon Gosselin, “When did you know it was the right time for your 8 kids to meet Liz’s 3 kids?

It felt right. She’s a very kind person,” Gosselin replied. And get this, Jannetta and Kate Gosselin have actually met face to face! Alexander asked “Were you nervous about meeting Kate?

Jon Gosselin And Liz Jannetta Admit To Cheating On Each Other

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Jonathan Keith Gosselin (born April 1, ) is an American In January , Gosselin began dating Liz Jannetta, a divorced mother of three.

By Cassie Carpenter. Kate Gosselin has rubbished her ex-husband Jon’s poverty claims – saying he doesn’t have to pay child support. Yesterday Jon hit out at Kate, saying she has plenty of money, adding that he doesn’t have the funds to keep up with payments. But speaking via her lawyer Cheryl Young, Kate insists Jon, 35, has been relieved of his child support as of April. Firing back: Kate Gosselin has shot down ex-husband Jon’s claims he can’t afford to pay child support, saying she relieved him of his financial obligations in April.

Ms Young told RadarOnline she was ‘ surprised to read that [Jon] claims to be struggling to keep his child support payments current,’ explaining: ‘As of April 27, , Kate voluntarily relieved Jon of all current and future child support obligations for their eight children.

16 Things To Know About Jon Gosselin

According to sources the couple moved in together after dating only a month and have been together for nearly a year now. Conrad has two teenage children, so it must be a packed house when all the kids are together. Add those two to Jon’s teenage twins and year-old sextuplets. The Gosselins went from being a beloved family to tabloid jokes during their separation and divorce in Following their split the father of eight paraded around a gaggle of new love interests for the cameras.

Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, Graduates Nursing School. Celebrities Gosselin has been dating Conrad since According to He was previously linked to Hailey Glassman, Kate Major, and Liz Jannetta.

Many divorced people hate their exes. Some wish death on them, even if they have kids with that person. Most people know not to do this on social media, not to mention in any kind of public forum. Not Jon Gosselin. The former TLC reality star, who stars in Season 4 of Couples Therapy with girlfriend of two years, Liz Jannetta, is later seen in the clip finishing a heated phone conversation with his ex-wife. So f— it. Piece of f—ing s—t. What kind of chance do those kids have with such a whiny toolbox for a dad and a harpy control freak for a mom?

Jenn Berman on Jon Gosselin & Liz Jannetta Vs Gosselin in Couples Therapy at Crossroads in LA